“Assets and wealth stored for children don’t make them rich, but the wisdom and knowledge you give them for productivity” -Dr Patricia Ikiriko

Many parents are falling apart because they are yet to discover the root cause of negative behavior patterns associated with their children and how to take personal responsibility to bring up the children to fulfill purpose.

Raising Generational Giants (RGG) discloses a unique and powerful approach to raising children, empowering them to become leaders, thinkers, and influencers of their time. RGG equips parents, teachers, leaders, and guardians with the ability to transform the way they nurture, take active roles to support the holistic development of their children and guide the next generation for success.

As important as a password is to accessing your email, so each program represents vital insights of life, virtues to pass down wisdom, traditions, values, and financial education. The programs enables a sense of connectedness and continuity of business across generations and a legacy mindset.

Here are some full training programs that can cover important areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Mental Well-being:
  • Effective Communication and Relationship Building:
  • Character Development and Values Education:
  • Academic Success and Lifelong Learning:
  • Promoting a growth mindset and embracing learning opportunities
  • Financial Education and Money Management:
  • Concepts of investing, entrepreneurship, and economic literacy
  • Leadership and Teamwork:
  • Developing leadership skills and qualities
  • Career Exploration and Future Readiness:
  • Parenting and Guardian Support:

The program can be delivered through a combination of workshops, seminars, online resources, and individual or group coaching sessions.

 We provide practical tools, case studies, interactive activities, and ongoing support to ensure participants can apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their daily lives to empower their children.

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